The Ultimate LOBSTER ROLL Tour!! 🦞πŸ₯– Best Lobster Shacks in Maine, USA!!

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MAINE, USA – Welcome to the coast of Maine in New England, USA, one of the world’s best lobster destinations. This is the first part of the ultimate lobster and lobster roll tour of Maine! I can’t wait to share all the amazing lobsters, the juicy lobster rolls, and the amazing scenery of Maine with you.

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In this first video of lobster roll eating in Maine, we went to 4 different places along the coast, a few amazing lobster shacks, and a few lobster pounds – which is the term used for waterfront shacks that have live lobsters.

Five Islands Lobster Co – $19.95 per normal roll (we got the Big Boy for $44 per lobster roll) ( – Welcome to Five Islands Lobster Co, located in a spectacular location overlooking five islands. You can get their lobster rolls and their boiled lobsters, both are excellent choices. You are guaranteed extremely fresh lobsters from local fishermen.

Day’s Crabmeat & Lobster – $57.61 for all lobsters ( – Next, we go to Day’s Crabmeat & Lobster, which is a lobster pound on the highway that has live lobsters. We got there a little too early, so they weren’t yet making lobster rolls, but we made our own. Again, you’re guaranteed fresh lobsters here.

Red’s Eats – $32.75 per roll ( – Red’s Eats is probably the most famous lobster roll shack in the world, an iconic white and red shack on the corner of the road. Their lobster rolls are known for being huge and overstuffed, which is no joke. Their lobster rolls are legendary and great, but to me they didn’t taste as fresh as the other places. It was huge and fun to eat, but not the best.

McLoons Lobster Shack – $22.95 per roll ( – Finally we drove out to McLoons Lobster Shack. First of all, located on an island, it’s one of the most beautiful locations for any lobster shack in Maine. The lobsters are kept in the seawater so again they are guaranteed to be fresh. But the real difference here is that the lobsters are steamed instead of boiled for your lobster roll. Jeffrey and I both agreed, best lobster rolls we’d ever had.

An amazing day eating Maine lobster, and many more lobsters and lobster rolls to come!



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