nyc job & dating advice! | q&a with youtubers Katy Belotte & Brooke Miccio

Bringing this back! Here’s another nyc q&a with some lovely friends in the city! Katy and Brooke joined me to chat over wine about dating, our jobs, and live in the city xoxo

Katy Belotte:
Brooke Miccio:

q&a with a cartographer:
q&a with a photographer, investment banker, and social media manager:

Jump Ahead:
0:00-0:58 Intro
0:59-2:23 Meet the gals
2:24-3:57 did you think youtube could be your job?
3:58-5:29 if the internet disappeared?
5:30-6:14 first date drink?
6:15-7:50 best dating apps?
7:51-9:16 dating as a youtuber
9:17-11:20 worst date story
11:21-13:00 tips for being burnt out on apps
13:01-15:01 what would you have done differently moving to nyc
15:02 east coast vs west coast

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